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Lower Hutt City Childcare Centre is a charitable trust, this means that our centre is non-profit. 


Every dollar that comes into the center from fees, Ministry of Education funding and fundraising is used to provide a quality, engaging and learning focused environment, and to employ dedicated teachers in which to support and grow our tamariki.


We focus on learning through play-based programme to grow positive emotional and social skills. Through dramatic play, creating and exploring, tamariki become anything they want and explore anywhere and anyway they want! Through this play, tamariki learn to take turns, problem solve, feel emotions, share their ideas, thoughts and feelings with others while developing knowledge about the world around them and beyond. 
We believe in developing a daily programme that is child centred.  Kaiako observe tamariki to develop a deeper understanding how they like to learn and what interests and inspires them. Each tamaiti has an Individual Curriculum focus plan which extends their learning and development through our play-based programme. 
Our programme has a balance of tamaiti-led and kaiako-led experiences to support and enhance learning opportunities for all tamariki.  Kaiako support and guide our tamariki in their learning opportunities by being available to answer questions and support tamariki to try out new experiences and challenge themselves. 
A child’s emotional wellbeing is our top priority, and that is why we practice primary caregiving, particularly with our youngest age groups. We support the sense of well-being of each tamaiti through building relationships which develop trust between child and Kaiako and secure attachments. Our environment is inspired by a combination of Reggio, RIE, Pickler and our unique New Zealand culture.  Our spaces are natural, calm and a relaxing place with intimate spaces to learn with and alongside their peers as well as quiet spaces in which children can relaxed and know it this is their space. 
Our outdoor learning spaces are an important part of our programme.  We have our outside spaces available to the tamariki as much as possible.  We ensure children are dressed appropriately for the conditions but believe exploration in all types of weather helps to grow children’s learning and development.   
Development of gross motor skills such as jumping, climbing, balancing, kicking balls, spinning and running help to develop the brain as well as their body.  All of these skills are an important part of pre-writing development. 


Throughout the year we run a range of fundraising activities. So far these have included auctions, entertainment books, raffles, garage sale, Movie night, garage sale, fair and calendars. The funds we raise go toward items such as new play equipment and developing areas around the centre


We use Storypark, this an ePortfolio site which is how we document and share your child's learning with you.  

We use this platform to keep you informed about what is going on in the Centre.

Visit their website


We take regular short excursion around our local community, The local bush nearby is a popular spot for the tamariki to explore. We visit local schools, ECE Centres and the library too.  These trips are all close to the centre so tamariki can get a chance to explore without walking a long way.


Children are provided a healthy nutritious meal every day; this is prepared by our cook. Morning tea, afternoon tea, and late snacks are also provided. Our menus are pre-planned.  Any alterations to the menu are noted on the clip board by the kitchen door so all whanau can see this anytime. Any special diet requirements will be catered for on our menu. 

All meals are rolling so that tamariki can come to the table to eat when they are ready. Mealtime routines are a ritual of calm and respect with candles or flowers and a tablecloth with gentle music playing

Board of Trusteees

Lower Hutt City Childcare Centre is a charitable trust and is governed by a Board of Trustee.  This is currently made up of Parents.  They provide strategic leadership and direction to the centre. The board works in partnership with the Centre Manager, teachers, support staff, and the government to ensure the best possible outcomes for all tamariki  They meet once per month and we invite any parent to come along to the meeting and join. This is a way to have a direct impact on the growth and development of our centre.

Teacher-only days

Lower Hutt City Childcare Centre is closed on two days each year for kaiako to engage in professional learning and development as a team to enhance our programme as a team, typically near Labour day and Easter.

Contact Information
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2 Saint Albans Grove,


Lower Hutt 5010

Phone: 04-566 2495

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